Computerized Ultrasound

Many of our pet owners are surprised to learn that Hayden Pet Medical Center doctors perform diagnostic  ultrasounds  using a state of the art computerized ultrasound machine. Diagnoses and biopsies may be obtained using ultrasound without invasive surgery.  As you can well imagine, most pets are not very cooperative with a process that requires staying still but that is good reason to trust the professionals at the Center who have years of experience in procedures that are often associated only with humans.   The state of the art machines employed at Hayden Pet Medical Center are very expensive to purchase and maintain but we feel your pet is worth that extra measure of care and we expect that you will agree.  Not many pet centers have invested as heavily in modern diagnostic equipment as we have and we are proud to offer the best that medical science has to offer for routine and emergency services. An ultrasound or digital x-ray machine might save your pet’s life or greatly increase its quality of life. And the best part is that both are non invasive, saving time, money, stress, and recovery time.

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