Surgery Suite

Here at Hayden Pet Medical Center, we offer routine, corrective, elective and emergency surgical procedures. These procedures include, but are not limited to: spays, neuters, cesareans, entropions, ear ablations, tumor removals, gastrointestinal surgeries, fractured bone repair, ear cropping and feline declaws.

Each pet receives a pre-anesthesia exam by one of our doctors.  During this examination the medical team records each pet’s vital signs; our doctors check for any medical abnormalities and identify any additional concerns prior to surgery.

Each pet is monitored visibly and with monitoring equipment. The exact anesthesia selected for use during surgery is determined by the doctor based on blood work, age, physical condition of the pet and type of surgery.

As a pet owner you need to know that there is risk involved with anesthesia just like there is with humans. In order to conduct an anesthesia-assisted procedure in the safest way possible, our doctors strongly recommend preoperative blood work. This testing will provide vital information to the doctors regarding enzyme and chemical balances and the condition of internal organs that may be affected by the anesthesia.

Pets are monitored during recovery and most surgery patients are kept overnight for their well being.

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