Kennel Staff

Caitlin Coma

Caitlin Coma

 Kennel Attendant: Caitlin Coma

Caitlin is a mother, passionate animal lover and newbie to veterinary medicine.  She has lived in north Idaho area for most of her life.  She has four cats, two bearded dragons, four hermit crabs and a tarantula.  Caitlin is a fast learner and shows huge potential to excel in veterinary  medicine. 





Maneesha Darrow

 Kennel Attendant:  Maneesha Darrow

Maneesha has attended North Idaho College and is currently working online through Penn Foster to attain an associate degree in Veterinary technology. She has had a plethora of pets including ducks, turtles, horses, rabbits, dogs, cats and rats. She was raised in North Idaho and loves spending time with her pet kitty, Angel.




Mariah Montee

Kennel Attendant: Mariah Montee

Mariah is native to Coeur d’Alene, ID and has a passion for animals and veterinary medicine. She has attended Montana State University and is an avid competition barrel racer with her horse, Gemma. In addition to Gemma she has a cat named Kitty. She hope to further her education in veterinary medicine while working her at the Hayden Pet Medicine Center.

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