Patient Under Anesthesia

Patient Under Anesthesia

One of the greatest concerns of every pet owner is the safety of anesthesia and it should be.  We understand your concerns, and we also understand anesthesia.  Hayden Pet Medical Center uses only the most current anesthetic drugs, and we tailor make a specific anesthesia protocol for each patient.  This protocol is based on the pet’s age, general state of health, the procedure being performed, and other factors, some of which are unique to a single patient. We highly recommend pre-anesthesia blood testing, a state of the art evaluative tool that helps us assess organ function and identify problems ahead of time, giving us valuable information which may affect which anesthetic medications are appropriate to your pet.  This testing usually is performed in our on-site laboratory but sometimes is sent out for a second opinion by an expert in the field.  In other words, we leave no stones unturned when it comes to the safety of your pets.    Hayden Pet Medical Center is in constant contact with veterinary specialists in areas such as ophthalmology, anesthesia, pathology, orthopedics for those special cases which might suggest the need for a second opinion.

A thorough pre-anesthesia examination is performed on every patient before any anesthesia or sedation is administered.  Later, during the surgery or procedure, a trained assistant is assigned to monitor each pet until it awakens from the anesthetic. Our team will monitor your pet’s heart rate, temperature, respiratory rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and electrocardiograph.  That same assistant will stay with your pet continuously until it has awakened and is able to sit up on its own.  Once your pet reaches that state of wakefulness, the assistant will give you a call to let you know that the procedure is complete and your pet is awake.

There are no 100% safety guarantees with anesthesia for animals or even humans. But our use of  modern drugs, pre-anesthesia blood testing, and constant monitoring of your pet while under anesthesia greatly decrease the incidence of bad outcomes resulting from the use of anesthesia.  . We would hope that all veterinarians utilize all of these precautionary steps. Anesthesia is a serious, but necessary, business and the veterinarians and staff at Hayden Pet Medical Center are both trained and experienced in spotting problems and correcting them before they cause harm.

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