We have a full stock of the most commonly used medications as well as new and innovative drugs and treatments for your pet, so we can fill most of your pet’s prescriptions at the same time as your appointment.  If a less commonly used medication is needed, we usually can have it available within a few days.  In other situations, we may utilize local pharmacies and Idaho-approved internet pharmacies to fill prescriptions. But, you are always free to have a Hayden Pet Medical Center prescription filled at the pharmacy of your choice; most pharmacies do at least some pet meds.  Any legal and regulated method of obtaining prescription meds is fine with us and we will be happy to give you advice on such matters at no charge.

The world of pharmacology is an ever changing one, and our doctors stay informed of new medications as well as new uses for older drugs.  We are always involved in continuing education and also get enormous amounts of information from pharmaceutical representatives who call on us regularly.  Your doctor will be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding medications for your pet.  We also work with several reputable and local compounding pharmacies to formulate medications into easy-to-give liquids, chewable tablets, and even transdermal creams applied to the skin.  These methods of administering drugs can allow even the most stubborn pet to take medicine with less struggle. But at Hayden Pet Medical Center, we can even give you advice for dealing with uncooperative pets who do not like taking meds.  Sometimes we have to try a variety of methods before we find one that works but we are patient and urge you to be patient, too!  And you will also find us ready to laugh with you about the Labrador retriever who can always find one tiny pill in a half pound of dog food and spit it out with a sound most often like, “Patooey!” 

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