Pet Wellness

It is our goal to promote pet wellness at all stages of their life.

Many pet owners know it’s important to make sure their puppies or kittens are properly vaccinated and cared for when they are young.  But our experience at HaydenPetMedicalCenter shows that some tend to become laxer with health care as their pets enter the adult years. 

We also know a lot of those owners increase veterinary care again as their pets become seniors. We do not think that is a very good idea and nearly all veterinarians agree with us.  Below is a brief description of pet care for all ages that we recommend for the ultimate good health of your four legged companions.

Puppy/Kitten Care:

We strongly recommend that all young pets receive vaccines starting at 6 to 8 weeks and that those pets receive booster vaccines every 3 to 4 weeks until the age of 5 months. Around three months of age your pet should have its first baseline blood test performed followed annually with wellness blood tests throughout the adult years.  Because pets come into their first heat at approximately 6 months of age, we recommend animals not selected for breeding  be spayed or neutered about that time thought it is quite acceptable in best practices to perform these surgeries  as early as four months.  It is also important to have a fecal examination to make sure your pets are free of internal parasites. This should be done annually along with an annual physical examination including scheduled  vaccines.

Adult Care:

Both canine and feline pets should be seen regularly by one of our veterinarians to insure and assure physical wellness. As noted above, an annual wellness blood tests can be performed during this visit and is a good idea.  Routine vaccines should be administered annually along with internal parasite examinations and a physical examination which monitors weight, physical conditioning and well being.  Annual blood tests provide your veterinarian an internal look at your pet’s health and yield  a “normal” baseline in determining irregularities in your pet’s blood levels as they age.  Pet dental cleanings are also vital for your pet’s continued health; we recommend them at least every two years.

Senior Wellness:

When your pet reaches the age of seven, it is  almost 50 years old in human terms, and just like with humans, it’s time to do a comprehensive physical examination complete with blood work, urinalysis, x-rays, ECG tracing, An internal parasite examination and an eye tear test.  As the years pass, it will be important to do blood work more often and to continue with annual vaccines.

Keeping your pet in optimum health is not only our job, it’s our passion!


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