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logoWe have expanded our veterinary services with the help of Animal Dental Care.  We now offer anesthesia free dental cleanings for dogs and cats.  Many clients are afraid of using anesthesia with their older pets.  This may be a viable alternative.  If anyone is considering using this type of dental cleaning, you should consider the cons: 1) This dental cleaning technique can never get the teeth as clean as the conventional anesthesia cleaning, 2) The non-anesthesia dental cleaning is limited to charting of teeth, scaling of teeth and polishing of teeth,  Any additional work such as dental radiology, extractions, root planning, composite work, etc. is not possible.

Now with that said; is there any advantage to an Non-anesthesia dental cleaning as compared to a conventional anesthesia cleaning?  Yes.  As mentioned above, high anesthesia risk patients such as old or sick patients would benefit from this cleaning technique.  Patients that need several cleanings per year or patients with very little tartar built up and bad breath would also benefit.  Last but not least, non-anesthesia dental cleaning is less expensive as compared to the conventional anesthesia cleaning.

This procedure is done at the Hayden Pet Medical Center one day each month by a highly trained dental technician.  If  a patient is to wiggly or dental pathology is found the non-anesthesia dental is aborted (without any charges) and a conventional anesthesia is scheduled.  Please call to schedule.

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