Modern Laboratory

A few years ago we faced a major business decision, whether to invest a large amount of money in our own blood testing equipment or to continue sending all our blood work to outside labs. It was tough because a local and lab was is  excellent but we finally decided the convenience to our patients was worth the extra money so we made the investment and have never been sorry.  We can now perform pre-operative blood tests as well as comprehensive blood tests on site.  This means we are generally able to have the results to you before your appointment is over. Tests such as blood glucose, urine analysis, heart worm, parvovirus, and feline leukemia are all done within minutes.  We continue to work with that excellent local laboratory for more extensive diagnostic panels with about a four hour turn around for most tests. That means we can often phone you with results the day we draw blood or the next day, at the latest.  Even in the treatment of acute conditions, short delays like these are not usually harmful to your pet’s condition.

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