Our primary concern at Hayden Pet Medical Center is your pet’s health, but we want each pet to look pretty and smell good, too. Our full service grooming salon can help to achieve great results in both areas.  We bathe, trim the nails, and express the anal glands of each pet that is brought in for grooming.  Whatever your specifications and desires, we can brush and tidy your pet or groom it. We love to do special breed cuts as well as standard grooming. Some of our special breed cuts include Cocker, Schnauzer, Poodle, Scottie, Westie, and Bichon as well and many more. But we don’t want your feline friends to feel left out.  Cats can also be bathed or shaved depending on your preference and you should see our lion cuts!  If grooming brings out the worst in your pet, we understand and also offer painless sedation when a pet is a danger to itself or the groomer.  In these rare instances, your doctor will give your pet an injection for light sedation to last throughout the grooming procedure.  For some pets this is, quite simply, the safest option.  We do grooming Monday–Friday by appointment.  We used to accept walk-ins but news of our high quality grooming made the rounds and we can no longer do it on the spur of the moment because our groomer is always busy. Typically we request that your pet spend four hours with us so that we have prep time and down time to complete the grooming process and let your pet settle down afterwards.  Grooming a pet is like a child’s first haircut, which most of us remember because we took pictures.  Prices for grooming vary according to breed, size and length of coat. Be sure to ask for more information.  We are always here to serve you rather than the other way around!  (By the way, most of us who work at Hayden Pet Medical Center sneak a lot of peeks into the grooming area.  Sometimes the animals look as though they are entering the Witness Protection Program and do not want to be recognized any more.  Grooming is great fun to observe. A lot of pets even come to enjoy it.)

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