Teeth Examination

Teeth Examination

Just as with humans, dental disease in pets is more than just a case of bad breath and unsightly tartar.  Because tooth and gum disease can affect the health of the internal organs, our doctors examine the mouth carefully on every pet’s annual wellness visit.  Based on their findings, the doctors may recommend a dental procedure for your pet.  This includes an ultrasonic scaling, polishing, and complete charting of the teeth.

Extractions, composite cavity filling, and dental radiographs (x-rays) are available with client consent.  Our dental x-rays are taken with a digital x-ray machine, which uses 1/10 the radiation of standard machines and provides instant results, shortening anesthesia time.

Once your pet’s teeth are restored to perfect health, our trained staff will be happy to discuss ways to help keep them that way.  We offer enzymatic toothpaste in several pet-approved flavors, as well as several styles of toothbrush, and we can provide information on getting your pet used to brushing.  We also offer OraVet, a tooth sealant designed to help prevent plaque and tartar accumulation.  If you choose, the first application of OraVet can be applied during the dental cleaning, and we will instruct you on applying the product at home once weekly.  For the less cooperative pet, we offer several different dental treats, food, and chews to help maintain oral health.

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