Curby Wins February Pet of the Month


Curby Marcott

You thought your first born was cute.  Meet Curby!  He is our February Pet of the month for 2016.  Yes, he is going to milk it!

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CeCe Brings in 2016


CeCe Hunt

CeCe Hunt brings in 2016 as our first Pet of the Month.  CeCe is a great cat and has a great family.  Congratulation to CeCe.

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Surgery Demo

Starting the Spay surgery

During the Christmas break Pam Gomes, a teacher at Coeur d’alene High School, brought 11 of her Biology and Biomedical high school students to the Hayden Pet Medical Center  for a demonstration surgery by Dr. Bodkin. The group observed and participated with a live surgery demonstration of a spay surgery of a dog. One lucky student actually got to scrub in and help with the surgery. By the end of demonstration there were a few students (still) interested in veterinary medicine. Pam has been bringing students to the Hayden Pet Medical Center since 2012


Discussing Anatomy


Now the surgery gets intense

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Another Hit By Car

This female Mallard duck was brought in by two little ladies after she was hit by a car.  The duck was treated for a few days for neurological signs and recovered with no lasting ill affects.  It took about a week to start eating well and gain her weight back.  She was released on Hayden lake and within a few minutes she paired up with a very  good looking boy friend. We at the Hayden Pet Medical Center love helping the local wildlife.



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The Story of Stinky


Meet Stinky.  This adorable cat was brought in by a concerned person after he was hit by a car.  When he arrived his lower jaw was fractured in several places and he was comatose from shock.    The emergency treatment worked, he survived two jaw surgeries and wore a hideous head gear apparatus reminisces of the 1970s for over 5 weeks.  This entire time Stinky was unable to eat, but he tried with great effort.  He was tube feed daily causing a build up of food particles around his head gear and even under his tongue, hence the name “Stinky”.   Well, now the head gear is gone and he is eating great.  Stinky has recovered from his injuries and may need one more surgery to correct his bite and teeth.  The big news, he is looking for a home.  If you are interested in giving Stinky a home please let us know.  The last surgery will be done at no charge here at the Hayden Pet Medical Center as well as his first vaccines and worm check.

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Trimming Claws for a Cause

Trimming Claws for a Cause

Our 4th annual “Trimming Claws for a Cause” food drive ends on Monday, 12/21/2015 . Bring us 5 or more non perishable food items and we will give your pet a complimentary nail trim. No appointment necessary, just bring us some food and your pet and we will do the rest.  All food collected will be delivered to the Kootenai County Food Bank .  Lets help those in our community going through difficult times to have a “Merry Christmas”.

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December Pet of the Month



Meet Tommy Gorton.  He is the Hayden Pet Medical Center pet of the month.  Tommy is taking us out of 2015 with a bang.  And he is doing an excellent job!

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Deanna Gunderson Volunteer Hours

Dianna Gunderson

Deanna has been doing some volunteer hours to complete her necessary hours to acquire her eligibility to set for the Idaho Board of veterinary technician examination.  Deanna was concentrating her studies on the use of in-office blood analyzers and working with exotic pets.  She showed very good potential with working with the exotic.  Veterinary technicians must know how to restrain, pull blood and give injections to many different type of exotic pets.  Deanna will do very well in the veterinary field.

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Senior Project: Tiarra

Tiarra Legard

Tiarra has completed the volunteer hours needed for her High School Senior Project.  Her Project is a study of “Breeds verses Personalities”.  She should do well on her project.

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November Pet of the Month



Mister Bates is the November pet of the month.  He is a regular at the Hayden Pet Medical Center and well loved.  Mister will bring in Thanks Giving.

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