Assistant Staff




Bethany & Trooper

Veterinary Assistant: Bethany Warner

Bethany worked at Prairie Pet Grooming, as a bather for three months before coming to work at Hayden Pet Medical Center in July of 2002 where she also worked as a bather for a little over a year before moving into the kennels. She spent the next year perfecting her kennel skills and has been trying her hand as a veterinary assistant for a number of years now. Things are looking good. She has lived in Idaho for nine years and hopes one day to open a rescue program for dogs.




Brianna and Gannon


Veterinary Assistant: Brianna Tweedie

Brianna moved to North Idaho in 2009 and she currently attends NIC.  Animals has always been a big part of her life.  She has two crazy cats, Navi and Gannon, which she adores.  She claims to be a bona fide cat lover.  When she is not at school or work, relaxing and her cats seem to occupy most of her time.  Occasionally she will spend time outdoors.






Veterinary Assistant: Josie Coder

Josie is native to North Idaho and has always had an interest in veterinary medicine.  After beginning work here, she has developed a new respect for veterinary medicine.  She has an American bulldog named Dozer and they are best friends.  She enjoys outdoor activities such as snowboarding, hiking, or even just catching a beautiful sunset.  When not outside during good weather she is spending time with friends and family.





Brea Mollet

Veterinary Assistant: Brea Mollet

Brea is a native to North Idaho. Along with her two horses she has a bull mastiff cross named Samantha, a dachshund named Weenie, and a cat named Richard. Brea spends most of her free time outside with her horses. She love horseback riding and participating in rodeos. She also enjoys the veterinary field and would like to learn more here at Hayden Pet Medical Center.




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